Curious Romances

Developing True Feelings For A Casual Partner

There are many people who are completely invested in career advancement, and they are unwilling to make any type of commitment when it comes to dating. They see their world within the strict confines of getting ahead, and many of them attend school after work is done for the day. Some of them spend long hours in the evening at the office, or they might take their work home with them for convenience. They are up early, ready to face the challenges of the day, and they are often uninterested in finding a relationship of any duration. For those who have found a casual partner for dating, there can be unexpected complications.

Finding a casual partner

The need to socialise is an important part of the psychological makeup of many people, and some of them prefer to go out with a partner. For those who are busy investing in their future, a relationship can be out of the question. They will hunt until they find someone also looking for a casual partner, and both of them will agree there will be no commitment between them. Their goal in the relationship is to keep their feelings at bay so they can concentrate on their career goals. it is not always easy to find someone like this, so holding on to a casual partner with a firm agreement is important.

When feelings develop

Two people focused on their separate careers often find it comforting to be with another person casually, and most of them eventually develop a bit of affection for each other. These are not serious feelings that will hamper the nature of their relationship, and they are often part of what keeps them pair together for the duration of their non-relationship. When feelings develop past that point, issues could surface between the pair. If one of them begins to have feelings of love, they will tend to try changing the nature of the relationship. Emotional pain will ensue if their partner is not ready or unable to return their feelings.

Creating distance

For a person who develops deep emotional ties to their casual dating partner, it is best to break off the relationship as soon as possible. People who have made an agreement to date only casually are not ready for commitment, so they are more likely to try creating distance from the person who has developed feelings for them. Allowing a relationship of this type to wither and die is for the best, and clinging to the casual partner will often result in more pain and anguish for the one who has developed feelings.

Finding the right date at the right time in life is difficult, and those who realize they have little time or energy to honour a commitment are being honest with their potential partner. They know their focus will not be on a relationship, but they also realize they need to socialise on a fairly regular basis. Finding another person who also needs nothing more than a casual relationship is the best compromise for them, and those who develop feelings within the relationship should break it off before they get hurt.